Owl announcement

Dear mice, congratulations
on your quarterly results.

Head-turning stats, they reflect
all the tenacity and guile

we have long known you possess.
And yet, with utmost respect,

for the best interests
of our mutual industry,

a landmark shift in policy is required.
Renowned worldwide

as you are well aware, for our USP
of hooting at the moon

and swooping on meadows
unremarked, we hope now

to boost our brand ID
by hunting the diurnal demographic.

For this
             (and be honest, night –
doesn’t it sick the blood? The cloth
thick sagging empty bag of it, bile fog
sog of it, feel of drown-lake
drained, eye pits caved, dank air
trapped inside the killer’s safe. And why,
why, knowing what we’re like,
did you never try day-life before?)
             we will need cooperation.

Loyalest among our
sustenance providers, your voice

never goes ignored
and we trust you will understand

our bright new market outlook.
Naturally, you may come to us

for technical support
plus we have also prepared

a helpful brochure. Please read
and, to wield a favourite phrase,

pick the bones out.