Footnotes from the Solution to Everything

1) As agreed by all parties
2) Memo to the Turkish ambassador
3) The staircase was beechwood
4) Traditional Estonian folk software
5) Later renamed ‘Point of Optimal Regress’
6) At which point laughter broke out
7) Berkshire, Hampshire or possibly cobalt
8) When asked, he said: “I’ve never even heard of S8CAP”
9) Previously believed to be a colour
10) Witnesses reported a distant foghorn
11) The ninth hole was never played again
12) S8CAP
13) Campus slang for mass grave
14) Crucially, their atlas was printed without oceans
15) The tenth attempt at 1896, deemed “an historic success”
16) Swedish phrase meaning: ‘That is not the solution to everything’
17) The Turkish ambassador’s second funeral
18) After the pigeons left
19) Seven fields combusted; Field 8 yielded the new matter
20) Eureka Sunday/Bloody Monday
21) Her uncle’s lungs were found in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
22) Pre-school slang for mass grave
23) Experts in Deep-Sea Matter Disposal
24) Chairman of the Panel for Fresh Approaches (PFA)
25) PFA minutes: Item 1 – Redefine ‘Everything’
26) Item 2 – Redefine ‘Solution’
27) Swedish phrase meaning: ‘That is also not the solution to everything’
28) 78,000 infantry, six armoured divisions
29) The Swedish response read: “Never”
30) Promoted to general after the Capitulation of Stockholm
31) Pigeons declared unwelcome in absentia
32) “Which solves that issue too,” added the Minister of Justice
33) Festival of Rejoicing

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