Hitler filtrates

An ongoing project

These poems are the end point of a process which involves filtering the writings and speeches of Adolf Hitler through Hebrew and Yiddish in Google Translate. Selections of text are entered into the online translation tool in the original German and spun through Hebrew and Yiddish via a specific method before being switched into English to provide the raw data for the poems.

The text that exits the process is an illegible mixture of indecipherable words and recognisable English. The poems are then composed by sifting for potentially interesting clusters of English words in the raw data and removing the garbled ones around them. To maintain the strict integrity of the process, the English words that remain are kept in the exact order they appear in the text, with outside agency restricted to: choosing where to start, where to end, line breaks, capitalisation and punctuation. The titles are chosen from within the poems themselves.



of the largest blood,

was not the end.

was to allow fear,
flower of the first faith.

Mein Kampf: Volume 1, Chapter 7 (The Revolution)



Creating a culture,
the most blood on the road,
please note failure.

Blood hears himself
or breeds
or not.

Speech, Nuremberg, 6 September 1938


Steve Jobs

Tired? Escape the poor.
Do sun man’s eyes,
school just like Steve Jobs,
who, it seems, totally
from reality. Toys?

Mein Kampf: Volume 2, Chapter 8 (The Strong Man Is Mightiest Alone)



The education system
is rampant;
they all down content.

You have
the whole lesson of nature,
sit on the soil of our age.

Speech, Berlin, 23 March 1933



Shameful old crossing guard,
rain scents in the morning.
I want to be close to him
most of the night.

Only came to see
when today begins.

Mein Kampf: Volume 1, Chapter 5 (The World War)


The wind

Come to understand
the spirit of bread,
shows that long of her,
the Soviet time.

The wind
just did not know
but helped the contrary
to darkness.

People, be ready
to hear the world.

Speech, Nuremberg, 6 September 1938



I would hope
for pets.

small countries.

Mein Kampf: Volume 1, Chapter 4 (Munich)


Terrible as foam

All the world, they see.
I work our reasons
that they be foam,
terrible as foam.

To be we, everything south,
the desert in the east.
And they should be clear:
I’m a bear.

Speech in Berlin, 30 January 1942


Not my idea

It was not
my idea
in the slightest.

One seems
to believe all,
now can no longer –
radio is there.

That is not
a party here at all
but the Holocaust.

Mein Kampf: Volume 1, Chapter 5 (The World War)


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Image: Book-burning display at Yad Vashem © David Shankbone. CC BY-SA 3.0