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Leigh and Westcliff Times, 14 January 2014

A Shoebury couple
had the best possible
Christmas present
when they scooped
£1 million
on a National
Lottery scratchcard.

Malcolm Peel
that his wife, Elaine,
is suffering
from terminal cancer
– and he will now
be able to give her
she ever wanted.


Permanent salaried position #2456

Spam email from ‘Orozco Sherilyn’

It is difficult to live
without saying “no”
to your bright wishes
and ambitious

that demand
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richer and happier. It is right
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New Job! Work close to home

Spam email from ‘Weil Hedwig’

Your brother
has invited you
to the wedding party.

Your love
thinks of having a child.
Your old folks

have health problems,
the attic
of your cottage

looks like it’s about to crumble
any minute,
and your boss insists

on your taking some course
in a local college.
And all you can perceive behind

all those matters
are many spare dollars

from your account and wallet
than you can make them.

Fortunately you can bridge
all your urgent cash disbursements
and afford

small sweet pleasures of life!
Go here to learn
how to make cash



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